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We know Byron Youth have places to go and no way to get there. The B.A.T. service is transport for you. It belongs to you, the Byron Youth. YOU organise when and where YOU want to go and we handle the buses.

The reputation and success of B.A.T. will depend on how you act when you are traveling on the buses as well as what you do at the events. The service is funded by the government. If they feel it is being abused and decide to take the money away, it will disappear.

This is not someone organising deals for you, it is your very own service and will live or die depending on how well you use and treat it. To make the buses a great space we ask that you agree to:

Please keep the buses completely drug and alcohol free. People are not allowed to smoke, eat or drink on any buses in Australia and B.A.T. will be breaking Federal Laws if anyone does or if they carry alcohol or illegal drugs.

As the funding for the service is for Byron Shire youth: please have:

  • At least half of passengers between 12 and 25 and,
  • At least half from within Byron Shire boundaries
  • When the groups are mixed, we give preference to the Byron Youth.

To keep the bus safe and hassle free, we need to always have the bus under control. We ask that you agree to:

  • Stay seated at all times and not to stick anything out of the bus
  • Always listen to and take notice of the driver and not to take drugs or alcohol onto the bus
  • Not to get onto the bus intoxicated and not to be offensive to people on or off the bus
  • Not to behave in a way which creates problems for B.A.T
  • Please don’t swear, fight, hit, kick, spit or yell things which will annoy the driver or others on the bus
  • And most importantly – KEEP OTHERS UNDER CONTROL. It is your bus service, you keep everyone sane.
  • If you are going to Screamworld or Fright Night we need you to provide a parent to supervise. They can travel free of charge.

If unruly behaviour happens the drivers have no choice but to stop the bus, they may even return home in extreme circumstances. They can refuse to let people on if they are intoxicated or offensive and if people get our of control on the bus, the drivers may take them off the bus or drive to the nearest Police station.

Contributions are worked out on an “Ability to Pay” theme and will always be less than concessional rates on the private services. These fees are to help pay for petrol and drivers. Please know how much yours is and agree to pay readily when you get on.

Thank you (The Bat Bus Team)

Funding Increase helps the Batbus continue helping Byron Shire Youth.

The Batbus team were very happy to receive this year an increase in recurrent funding from Transport NSW for $4500 per year from... Read more


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